GEV Focus and Intent

The castastophic consequences of sprawl development have come to be widely recognized by planners, environmentalists, social scientists, and the general public. The consequences are not merely ecological, but social, and personal health as well. Until recently, new community development did little to address these consequences.

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Village Tours

Education has always been one of the missions of Villag Habitat Design. They have produced video, written, and speak at conferences across the country and the world. Now, through Village Tours, LLC, principals from Village Habitat Design are leading 10-day programs in Italy and France including a bicycle tour of the Dordogne Valley in France.

The Hamlet of Porciano

The concept for the trips is to spend 10 days in a truly beautiful place, enjoy good food and drink and conversation, and get some fresh inspiriation for what sustainable development can be, guided by leaders in the profession.

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Sustainable planning is more than just a list of features. It is an intricate balance of pragmatic concerns, each one resolved for the best ecological solution, allowing for the inclusion of future innovations. Sustainable design is not merely crammng all of the possible (or imagined) features into a plan. It is a painstaking process of creating places that fit human interaction so well, ina ll of our contradictory needs for connection to each other, to nature and for privacy, that they do not merely sustain life and the biosphere, but create delight.

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